Chapter 9: The Atoms of the Body

Einstein’s Dream

The Engineering of Conscious Experience

Chapter Nine

The Atoms of the Body

"The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible. The fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle."
 - Albert Einstein

I walked in to Einstein's office and he peered at me. I announced,
Yes, the 3rd century BC philosopher who said the universe was made of atoms.
Hhhhmmm . . . Einstein puzzled for a moment rubbing his chin. Ah yes, let me see here. He flipped open a book of theories and read, The theory of Democritus and Leucippus held that everything is composed of "atoms", which are physically, but not geometrically, indivisible; that between atoms lies empty space; that atoms are indestructible; have always been, and always will be, in motion; that there are an infinite number of atoms, and kinds of atoms, which differ in shape, and size. Of the mass of atoms, Democritus said The more any indivisible exceeds, the heavier it is. But his exact position on weight of atoms is disputed.  [1]
“And it says here: ’Of his seventy books only fragments of his writing have survived to this day’ (-The book of dead philosophers By Simon Critchley pg 17). Ah! Well there we have it!” He shut the book with slam laughing aloud. “This book was highly read in Greek times. It was more highly read than Aristotle and yet not a single copy of this book survives to this day. Why? What was contained in his writings? Was it based on experience? What was Democritus and Leucippus experience? Did they talk from the actual conscious experience derived from perceiving atoms directly? Or did they just reason it out? How did they get that close to a modern day description of atoms? William James would assert that the Greeks were impassioned with hallucinations or conscious experiences of the very Gods they believed in. Much to the uproar of traditional academia as if it were true then the Greeks were mad - truly controlled by voices- auditory commands coming from the ether. If they were all controlled by the Gods how did they come up with the Cradle of Democracy and the very intellectual underpinnings of Western Civilization? Will we ever know that was written in those books of Democritus? To this day no one knows what was written in it.” Einstein peered at me over the rim of his glasses.
It probably burned in the Library at Alexandria in 639 AD.
Quite possibly.
“Can the dreaming attention travel back in time and see the book?”
“I’d imagine it could. The dreaming attention can focus on infinite things.”
“I’ve always felt the deep travesty the burning of Alexandria at a deep level.” I went on to tell Einstein that ever since I’d first heard about this in 4rth grade I had been raging with anger over such a needless tragedy. We can’t even begin to imagine what knowledge was lost in the fire. The knowledge of traveling to other worlds probably burnt up in the fire. I told Einstein that I believed that our present state of knowledge could’ve been advanced enough to travel to other worlds via spaceship or consciousness if the library hadn’t been burned to the ground.
______  _____
“How is your concept of the philosophy of the being who is going to die?”
“We dont know what it means to die.
We dont know what it feels like. What happens on the other side. What happens to whatever it is we call us after we die?  Where do we go? What will we experience in that moment and after. Is there an after? This is one the lifes biggest mysteries.
Since you have the power to intend any kind of experience why not intend to know directly what it means to be a being who is going to die.
I told him in all honesty that I already knew what it meant. It meant to give up everything.
sense  of loss, pain and agony.
Surely you jest.  How is your intending going?
I told him that I just couldnt focus. I said that sometimes Id get a good intention going only to later have it sputter out after a day of intending.
The reason you cant intend with every movement is because you dont respect your death.
I was appalled that hed make that deep of an assumption of me. I don't crash into cars. I eat healthy. I exercise. I do respect my death.
         The frown on his face acknowledged that I had an ounce of respect for my death. Yeah, Id say for you that sure, of course you respect your death, you know it’s out there but more so as an intellectual exercise than anything else.
         What are you talking about? War-time? Ive never been in a war. I dont know what it feels like to know I could die in the next moment. Id imagine Id become fearful and confused if I found myself in that situation.”
“Except for those few times when you engineered a conscious experience your intellect is otherwise an artificial construct. Your individuality was expressed to it limits out there. But here your individuality is mere sensorimotor response to the world no different than any other person walking down the street. To respect your death you have to embody the idea that not just one day you're going to die. Rather, that tonight, when your consciousness falls off the edge of the Earth, you will die. You’re going tonight! lol and what are you taking with you? What have you collected upon your consciousness this day? Death is not something that happens at the end of our lives, but something that occurs nightly.
         “You're lazy, you don't want to fight death. You don't believe you are actually going to die one day. That's bullshit! I do believe I will die one day! That is what life is all about!
         Then act on it! Let your actions fall from a reasonable examination of what it means to die.
         Hmm? Like what?
         "In your case, hypothetically, one day you will die. Now, reasonably, if you are going to die one day then what is the best way to accord your behaviors in line with that unalterable fact?
         "Well I don't know.' I believe I don't understand the questions.
         "Lets put it in if then statements. If you are a being who IS going to die then . . . "
         "Then I don't want to die. And I will
         "No, then you have no time to act like an imbecile believing that your intellect can understand death! - Then you can never be in a hurry because being in a hurry implies that you are rushing and willing perhaps even wanting to die.
         “Then, you are eternally patient because you can wait forever and place you attention upon anything
         "Can I find philosophy of he being who is going to die in the bible?
         Perhaps some religious texts contain points on philosophy of dying. But most concern themselves with how to behave in order to get rewarded.
         “Then there is no reward for dying. Dying is final and absolute. That is the core of what we are afraid of realizing. That is why we intellectualize death instead of embodying the philosophy of the being that is going to die. It’s hard for us to face that we are impermanent creatures. And it’s even harder for us to know what to do about it.”

Chapter 9 Suzie Q Intro:
I recapped all weekend in my closet. I recapped my past sexual experiences and found incredible memories and perceptual details in many of my friendships. I used the gathered abstract sense data and I intended to respect my death and realize that I was being who was going to die.  Monday morning I awoke on the wrong side of the bed and went to see Einstein all grumpy and disallusioned with my path for learning lucid dreaming.
“So hows’ intending the awareness of the atoms of your body going?”
“Oh, its going good I guess. I can’t focus. I can’t seem to hold the intention any longer.”
“Yeah I umm feel like I’m too involved in daily affairs. The daily world consumes so much of my attention that I have nothing left for intending an awareness of the atoms of my being.”
“Ah,” Einstein said leaning back in his chair, “don’t worry about it. Before going on long adventures one almost always takes stock of everything in the mind’s inventory. We look at it checking out what we can part with and what we can’t. We worry ourselves to death over our appearance and a hundred thousand other things.”
I was waiting for him to be disappointed with me and turn into a coach of sum sort or a fountain of wisdom. I didn’t want to lose my hard won ability to intend radical dreaming experiences.
Einstein stood by the window rubbing his chin. “Perhaps you’re looking over all the variables of impossibility, the ones that are preventing you from reaching the variables of possibility. Is it possible to become aware of the atoms in your body? That would be a phenomenal feat!
“Well, I don’t know, ya know? I just don’t feel like that’s something worth dying for. I means what the point? You’re there for fifteen minutes, but there’s so much to do here! I’ve got bills, I’ve got car expenses, I’ve got homework up the wazoo! And I think i have a crush on suzie Q.
“Yes, SQ, she’s in my class. We’ve been texting back and forth and . . . “
“Oh well, you need a girlfriend! If you can’t die for yourself you can die for other people!” He bowled over laughing slapping his knee as if he’d said the funniest thing in the world.
 “You’re looking for love a love to die for. That’s a lesson that is very hard to learn. Love, from whatever basis of love you are loving her is from ego not your heart. And when the loving is done and your ego scraped off of it - ego love - people call irreconcilable differences. Love from ego hurts my friend. It hurts. Love a woman from your energy body and showowzee! You’ll fall in love, dash about the sheets for the next six months to nine months and learn so much about each other, yourselves and whatever this grand amazing journey is that we call life, that you’d be superb friends afterwards if it were ever to end that is.  You’d end as friends. Your studies would pick back up, you’d have more confidence then you perhaps you’ll decide to tackle the atoms of your body.”
He shook my hand, busied himself with his papers and said goodbye. I felt really pumped up. I wanted a big hug too or maybe I wanted to hug him. I decided not to. I was free to date women. This feeling lasted all the way to bus stop when I came to a realization point, what about tonight? What was I doing tonight? What was I doing for my true beloved? How could i walk away from that amazing sense of freedom and all absorbing mystery? Did I really want to date? What if I projected this enrapturous passion toward my nightly dreaming activities?
I rode the bus home thinking of ways to infuse this realization into and I began to think of my what was I doing to take care during the day to take care of my beloved dreaming attention. I decided to take better care of myself and when I got home I removed a lot clutter from my bedroom. I laughed to myself and began to do all my small tasks for her. I cleaned the apartment, poured water into a pot, listened to background music, intending to enmesh my awareness in the sensory fabric of things; while romancing this imagined encounter tonight in dreaming with my beloved. This carried on into the next day. I washed the car taking great care and full attention too everything I did. And if I got to be with SQ it didn’t matter. If didn’t get to be with her it didn’t matter either. I had no expectations to determine the course of outside events and focused all of my attention on romancing all the different facets of the philosophy of the being who is going to die.

______   ______
And then she showed up. And then there she was sixteen pistols in the wind and a shotgun aimed right at me. When two people meet like this there is always an instantaneous knowledge that there is so much more to the other than meets the eye. From the instant i saw her I knew in a deeply subconscious way that we had the possibility to be lovers.
She was in full regalia, laughing and bantering about with all the people in the room. I’d parked myself on a couch in a house party on a back porch somewhere and she was in full flirt with a extraordinarily good lookin’ man. He could been a Ken Doll but more rustic-n-street wise with a shine in his eye that says raging intellect with a chip on his shoulder.  She was drop dead gorgeous. Her name was Erin and she was 6’2”, brunette and she came with legs that didn’t quit, lips that didn’t stop eyes that refused to stop sparkling and a smile that tickled me ridiculously. When she smiled. I wanted to smile. I wanted to find the path up to matching the sparkle in her eye.
I feared to match her sparkle too quickly. She wanted spectacle. Something that I dreaded. Ever since I got glasses in the 4rth grade I’d feared being a spectacle. I didn’t want to be poked fun at. I never got therapy for it. My 8th grade best friend got therapy for it. We didn’t have the money for therapy. I noticed my introspection just as everyone in the room burst out laughing. Erin’s jokes resounded through the glass bouncing off every piece of wood on the porch and died in the corners of the concrete steps. I could hardly believe the scene of events unfolding before my eyes, but something deep inside my silence noted that ‘not believing what I was seeing as it was happening’ was a solid weakness that was common amongst my friends and family. I didn’t know how I knew this but I knew it. This woman was not like that at all. She was ever present, moving in, nudging, emotionally touching, linguistically bold, raucous in entertaining herself, her man and the rest of us. Everyone in the room was either consciously or unconsciously, was enrapture by her witty repertoire with her man in arms.
She talked a blue streak, a yellow streak, a green streak and a purple streak on and on about any subject in world that one could imagine. Her eyes radiated a certain charm, and her smile, wit and indefensible confidence were par excellance’. As I got fully with the porch more and mingled a bit, i was offered a smoke and took one. Listening laughing and talking. I remember her coming across as someone who was extremely intelligent, wise to world, but she hid her wisdom underneath a veil of atrocious sexuality. She let it all hang out. Every bit of her attention was focused, honed, and zoomed in on her sexuality.  Every last action she took was geared towards obtaining and commanding, in subtle and dramatic ways, every single persons’ attention in the room. And she was talking to only one guy!
She was drop dead gorgeous. The kinda’ woman men die for. Plump lips, crystal blue eyes, true and genuine laughter mixed in with a budding sense of wisdom. She was not only street smart but aggressive, controlling, loving, kind and she sold her herself over and over again to her man, to the peeps on the porch and she did it in the most elegant, dramatic, confident, alluring, sexy and provocative way imaginable. In fact it bordered upon being offensive to some unknown part of me. Deep in my subconscious mind I realized I was extremely offended by a woman using all of her sexuality to obtain her goal.
There was no drawback in her no reprieve. She marched on and on and on doggedly in handling her man in her all encompansing attention. He was almost exactly the same as she was - daring, bold, provocative, muscular, fit, elegant, handsome in a James Bond kinda way. He was cool, cunning and brash when he was interacting with her. I noticed that he refused to be turned into a little boy to fend off her advances and he didn’t resort to flirting them off either, but chose to laugh in a teenage like manner and kept repeating his position ‘No - she could not move in with him.’ Internally, emotionally I was attracted to her and offended by her to an equal degree. I found that quite startling. And I liked it. In fact and wondered what it was all about.
She loved the spotlight and thrived in it. She was to say the least unlike anyone I’d ever encountered before in my life. She was ever present, and dressed in the skimpiest shorts one could imagine. With her 6’ 2” frame, she walked around the porch and the shorts hung off of her perfect ass in just such a way that, if you got the right glimpse at the exact right time, you’d see everything she had. She was looking for a place to live or to crash and obviously, with the way she’d played with the guy, a man to enslave.
    Once, I got home from the party I set my intention to be aware that I was a being who was going to die. I recapped for two days in the closet using my list as a reference guide so i could get through as many past relationship trauma as quickly as possible. Friday night to Monday morning I worked diligently on this practical task noticing that I could not do the task for more than two hours without falling asleep. I awoke Monday morning with the oddest feeling. Right smack dab in the middle of my day was my death. I couldn’t see anything past 2-3 o’clock that afternoon. My body froze in animal fear and my mind raced to find away around my death. I immediately vowed not go to class that day, but my death still stood as hard as stone monolith in the middle of my day. I vowed to stay home and not move a muscle.  And I didn’t move a muscle. Still, my death loomed over me. Then I vowed to go to the grocery store, hoping that would dissuade this overpowering feeling of the complete absence of the rest of my life, but still my death didn’t budge. I gave into animal fright. My intellect gave up.  How was I really going to get out of this final appointment? I’d conjured up? I still felt it.  In no way, shape or form did any part of my life exist after a specific mid-afternoon moment in time. The abyss of no-more-continuity stared me in face and I began to wonder how in the hell, REALLY, was I going to do get out of meeting my death face to face that afternoon? There was no doubt in my mind that I was disappearing for an intermnible period at some point this afternoon. I could not believe it. I was actually, really dying this afternoon. In sheer worry I moved a muscle and rolled over onto my back wondering WTF when all of a sudden the presence of my death disappeared from the middle of my afternoon.
The whole feeling of having a final appointment that afternoon vanished as if it were a mirage. The afternoon, Monday night, Tuesday morning, and all the shit I had to do the next day flooded my consciousness. I chuckled remembering Einstein’s advice to laugh when the dice are thrown cuz there’s more to the universe than we think there is.
However, I could not get over the feeling, the direct experience of witnessing my death. I marveled over the two distinct frames of mind. The amount of pressure upon me was enormous. It was as if i was going to die at two o’clock that day and I was balls to the wall, run and hide, scared out of my wits. This meant to me that I didn’t live my life according to the truth of it as it is from a scientific perspective - death is a fact. We all die. All life dies.
    The enormous bliss of facing the everyday world was anesthesia - total routine. And the idea that there was a tonight, a today and a tomorrow was total heaven. I was stoked back into feeling immortal and yet, I realized at a deep level that Einstein’s method worked. The recapitulation, the idea of intending with body, the movements he showed me had rooted me in the here now and my awareness coupled with my internal silence overturned labels and categories like butter. I realized that all of my senses detect abstract sense data. As I got up out of bed I could feel my usual day unfolding. The morning and afternoon were routine. I was very familiar with it and I could feel them in my body. And my body was solid.
    According to Einstein, my the empty space created by my recapitulation was filled with imaginary sense data and when it reached its limit and I experienced the imaginary sense data as lived experience. The knowledge that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were mine and destined to be mine forever, and the feeling that I was or had ever been immortal was whisked away that morning.  All I did was roll over and everything arranged itself right in my body n mind. I laughed at the comparison that the amount of pressure placed on my daily awareness with its endless things to continually do in the world attention was minimal at most. The pressure of the daily world was next to nothing compared to that moment of dying. The idea that I had to go to class, stop by the supermarket,  pay a bill - squiller. Nada. Nothing. Hardly pressure at all. I marveled at the clarity of my attention when I felt that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my death was waiting for me in the middle of the day. I was scared witless though. I had no power to sustain it . . . that feeling of immediate impermanency was a bit to much. No wonder Karl Marx said, “Religiong is the opiate of the masses.”

To be continued . . ,


Talk of Darhman, Karma n other relgions focus on method?

I went to Einstein.
“ . . . and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my death was waiting for me in the middle of the day. I had no power to sustain it . . . that feeling of immediate impermanency.”
         “Ahah, see you’ve broken the continuity of time. Your body perceived a complete end to your continuity of time. That glimpse is all you needed.”
He peered at me. “Huh? How do you feel? You look good!” He padded his chest with his hands. “Ah? Pretty good eh? You look different now too. Now the road is clear. Intending an awareness of the atoms of the body will be a bit more successful for you now that you’ve turned a bit from facing the past to facing time as it comes at you.
“The experience will fade and become a memory unless you solidify it. In times of stress or duress when you believe you’re being overwhelmed by forces within or beyond your comprehension remember that experience. Don’t work your butt off to have something that you don’t shine. Your experience is not a trophy. The understanding of how you obtained that experience is a trophy. If we leave this life with that understanding then we are triumphant.
“Dying is the most important thing we ever do. Remember, to keep using that experience, when your world seems like it’s falling apart remember that experience it will sober you up. You will have a clear view of over the refuse your life has become.
Having a clear view death is a truth that has philosphers and sages have commented upon down through the ages of time.  Keep your experience around, in your pocket to speak, as a memory to make it more useful to you. I am tickled pink at your success. Amazing isn’t it? The world we live in is vastly more incomprehensible than we could ever imagine.
The art of life is simple. Search out the journey’s, the romances, the experiences that match your heart. Change with your with heart. Let it take you places, let it experience all of what there is to feel and to give. All these different human beings living on this planet, seven billion of us! All these different lives and yet, all these paths lead to that mysterious moment wherence we vanish from this earth. Not to mention all of these other life forms that live her on the Earth with us. Billions, upon billions of life forms – all going through the same checkout point.
But from the scientific perspective death is a fact! There is no denying that Einstein!”
“Ah, yes! The view from a bridge. I’ve been able to convince a few of my collogues of the view from a bridge but only intellectually.
         Intuition, intent and dreaming, - die in two place at once than lying there dying in one place still strapped imprisoned in the three-dimensional world. I am sure my body will die that way I will be standing on the bridge with a view. the view taht tells you what you already know,
Think of it. there is no particular time, there is no particular place, there is no particular way that we go. Some say if you’re lucky there is no particular ‘way’ to go. We could go at any moment. And yet, if you could have an ounce of control over that moment. Which way would you go? Huh?” He shrugged his shoulders, lifted his arms
“Big question. I’ve taken you here, to the view from a bridge to share with you a moment wherein you can poke around and see the mystery up close. Abandon the ego’s fear of the clarity of that pressure and when you find yourself waffling remember your moving to fast and should be going slow. And when your are moving to slow step it up a bit remember the experience of that final infinitely shared final moment.

Experience of Eternity.
         I left Einstein’s lab and journeyed to the university library where I intuited, upon seeing a book with the word eternity, I realized I could intend an experience of eternity. Instead of wondering about it what it would or wouldn’t be like I set myself to intending the experience.  My intuition told me it would be quick and light. I spent the evening studying collecting abstract sense data and paying attention to every detail of my experience. I walked home holding the intention to experince eternity in my body. I fell asleep and dreamt of eternity. I awoke feeling entirely refreshed as if every single atom in my body was refreshed at an extremely deep level.
         I also realized that I’d completely forgotton about eternity. Every cell in my body completely forgot about this place. And yet I remembered it somehow. My early childhood as a baby came to mind. I recapitulated these memories. They were so bright and vivid. I found many instances and experiences being held by my parents friends, in the nursery, by the window. And spotty moments around the age of six and seven. I was astonished to no end that I had forgotton the experience of eternity.
I wouldn’t see Einstein for the next five days and it was final exam time. I set myself to raise my awareness from the my daily internal dialouge and focused upon my intention to ‘jump into an awareness of the atoms in my body.’
         And every night before sleeping I’d practice the foot movements. In the first week of dedicated practice I couldn’t get through the first three movements without suddenly talking to myself. A thought would come in and my silence interrupted.
As I was heavily into practicing foot passes everyday for up to nearly an hour. I kept running into the same problem a thought would burst in and create a flurry more thoughts. I remembered the moment of non-continuity and intuited it would help if I did the passes with as light a mood, fun an enjoyment as possible. A deeper intuition told me that I should twiddle my thumbs to the inner silence and laughter. Then I would lay the lay down and gather all my attention and say aloud - I am willing to die for inner silence. Then I began the running man passes. If a thought crossed my mind. I would stop moving my feet but not drop them just slowly stop them and twiddle my thumbs and focus on my second intention - inner silence and laughter. Then I began the interrupted foot pass from its start. I got really good at maintaining silence. I never really kept track of the time. I just kept my attention on silence. My body become so relaxed that my body fell asleep while my awareness was still awake. I could hear my body sleeping, feeling the position of my arms and legs. Along with this was an incredible pressure unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. It was like my awareness was wrapped up in a sleeping blanket. I woulnd’t experience this everynight during my three-week long intention.

A week and a half into my new intention one day I was doing this as I was falling asleep. I had worked considerably hard that day and was exhausted ready to sleep.  I did my twiddling thumb routine and went into the passes. Everytime I experienced a thought I twiddle my thumbs and begin the pass again. I worked diligently not noticing how much time went by. I heard a helicopter in the distance. I placed all of my attention on the sound of helicopter. After a few minutes of this (and I continued to do the passes) the sound came close it gave way to a more distinct and rich clip-clopping of horse’s hooves on a cobblestone street.
By now my body was dead asleep yet I was still aware and the sound changed yet again. This time it was so abstract that it didn’t really matter what it was. Then suddenly the sound became a vibration way off to the right and in the most elegant way imaginable moved over to my left side but it stopped there about an arms length away. I realized that behind every sound is the vibratory force. Since our senses only take in enough abstract sense data to trigger a semantic barrier. The semantic barrier is made by our minds. Sights, sounds, tastes, touches and smells are instantly recognized and categorized thereby reducing the amount of sense data that can potentially saturate the mind and eventually reach the body as a full fledged functioning organism.
 I also realized that all the sensory stimuli around us is abstact sense data and yet we don’t have the necessary discipline, interest or passsion to be quiet and yet focused on the world as raw stimuli. What purpose could there ever be in collecting raw stimuli into the body? Where is the survival value in that?

By the end of the second week I experienced the vibration again.

I was up to about 1:15 minutes of practicing the foot passes when my body fell fully asleep. Almost instanenously the vibration appeared but on the left this time still an arms length away. My silence was impenetrable and,  as if it were shy, moved in from the arms distance and entered the torso of my body. If I were awake bodily, I would have shit my pants. I could feel some of that pulling on my awareness but my body was fully asleep. I couldn’t react to ego fears and since my mood was so light I had a deep sense of wonder and childlike innocence about me.  As the vibratory force entered my chest and I felt the most amazing super-tiny vibrating spheres. It felt incredible! It made sex look like I’d been playing with Tonka Truck toys! I laid there in awe of the experience and fell asleep.

My dreams didn’t intensify during this time. They were more or less or for better or for worse just regular dreams. During my daytime activities I focused 110% on taking in all the sensory information with my senses with the intention of ‘experiencing the atoms of my body. My thoughts were relatively gone. My body felt very quiet and I noticed my worries seemed to be solved by my intuition. My intuition in turn felt enhanced my logic and reasoning skills.

Over the course of the next week I had multiple encounters with the vibration of the atoms in my body. Each time it came it appeared it went into my chest and upon the third and fourth encounter it went into my torso and upper arms. On the fifth encounter it went deeper still into my thighs.
         One day after painting for 3 hours and still doing more than my best to intend to ‘be aware of the atoms in my body’ I came out of the art building and bubblily bounced down to the bus stop where I saw a man riding a motorcycle. He wore, a T-shirt, shorts, and no helmet. He was a big guy weighing around 175 and had a strong muscular body and no leather jacket. I noticed his head was cocked to the right. I followed his glance and his line of sight and caught sight of a woman’s cupped and jeaned ass cheeks.
         Unbelievably, I saw a grey four-door car bolt from a stop sign into the middle of the street. A van had just driven by blocking the grey cars view of the man on the motorcycle. The man saw that there were no students in the crosswalks and jumped on the gas darting out attempting to cross the street. Even though there was plenty of time to slam on the brakes or do something there were no brakes, no screeching rubber, no laying down of the bike. The man on the motorcycle cleanly, and squarely hit the back fender of the grey car as it shot through the intersection. Silence and slow motion dominated my attention. His body crumpled into a hodge-podge form, squished and squeezed into the tiny little windshield of the bullet-bike he was riding.  The parts that couldn't fit in leapt from their casing. There was a momentary pause and his whole body sprung out of this compact space and flew - feet first - over the trunk of the car and landed with the most grotesque and sickening sound one could imagine.
         The whole front half of my body went numb. I was in shock. I had just witnessed something that I could never foresee, foretell or make happen and yet it happened right in front of my eyes.  A girl, standing next to me, instantly made a 180-degree turn looked at me and blinked in manner that attempted to erase the entire event from her mind. Tears streamed down her cheeks and as she walked past me her esophagues spasmed and she struggled to keep from expunging the contents of her stomach.
         I couldnt believe it. Everything that happened was very real and occurred in the real world and in real time, yet I couldnt wrap my mind around it. All I could do was stand there fully aware of the effect it had on my body. I was horrified beyond measure. My internal dialouge completely shut off. I could no longer talk to myself. Twenty of us bystanders stood by. Silence pervaded the street, the sidewalk and the trees. Out of now where one lone man runs up to the motorcycle rider lying on the pavement. Time was moving so slow. I saw everything. He knelt down beside the motorcycle rider and then stood up scanning everything around him. Suddenly he sprinted.  I was clueless and just stood there watching him run to a gas station and saw his objective; a big red ambulance sat in the parking lot.
         I managed to turn my body back to the bus stop and thought that I should perhaps sit down. But then I immediately felt that i'd rather stand. As my delibarations began I also noticed that my internal dialouge was going again. The next thing I knew my bus pulled round the corner right up to the stop. The ambulance had pulled into the center of the road and the medics were working on the guy.  I got on. Upon sitting down my internal dialouge shut off again. I watched everything. Turning a 36 ft bus around on a three lane city street is time consuming. It took forever to get home.
         Finally at home I lay down on my couch and practiced the series of foot movements  Einstein showed me.  This was the end of my third week of  diligently practicing these movement.
         I intuited that I should skip my thumb twiddling manuever. Today, decided to lay my hands flat just below my navel. My body was dead quiet.  It was as if witnessing the accident had an uncalled for reaction on my body.
         I began with the first movement and paused after each one for the same amount of time that I had practiced the movement. After nearly two hours footwork and pauses I was totally silent. My body hadn’t fallen asleep and I was dead tired. I rolled onto my right side and suddenly I felt the incredible vibration about an arm's length away from by left side. The sensation quickly doubled in size and moved into my torso covering my head, legs, lower arms and lower legs and my entire body. The feeling was not euphoria it was simply astonishing. Atoms! I was aware of the atoms in my body.
Without opening my eyes I rolled over onto my back. I quickly thought up a strategy and thrust my arms forward without extending my elbows and had my palms perpendicular to my feet. I remembered Einstein showing me this movement during the first time we’d met.  I repeatedly moved my arms to my chest and back again extending them horizontally to my feet. After a few of these movements I heard someone’s voice. The voice was insulting me and calling me every name in the book. The vibratory feeling in my body didn't allow me to take the insults seriously. I sat up to face the voice and opened my eyes. The entire world around me was vibrating to the same vibration in my body. A full blow world was in front me. I was blown away! The world I was looking at and acting in was no longer the world of daily affairs.
         The vibration permeated everything. It was everywhere. It was between me and the wall. It was between me and the table, me and that tall glass windows that hung presenting a veiw of an ocean. It was inexplicable how i knew that I’d been taught from birth to use a system of interpretation to make sense of abstract sensory data. I also realized that I had successfully employed a different system of interpretation to engender the full blown view of this world. The vibration was between me and the floor. It was in my body and it was the environment. I couldn't believe it. It was everywhere.
The vibration was as naturally a part of that world as the separation of object by air and space was in our world. I simply could not believe it! I was in my apartment but everything was entirely different. This new apartment felt so familiar like I’d lived there for years and years. I saw my sofa and the coffee table complete with it's magazine spread. There was a feeling so eternal so right. I intuited that I had existed there for years upon years. I looked out the windows fully well knowing that my real apartment was a second story studio overlooking nothing but more apartments. The ocean I was faced with, the large plane of glass, the palm trees decorating the beach and the saucey grasses and mounds and little hills of sand were not there in my daily life.
As I pondered all this sitting on the edge of my couch. A woman came out of the kitchen and pointed to me feet. I looked down. I didn’t have any feet! She motioned for me to run up and down the length of my newfound apartment with her. So I did. She seemed very familiar to me but I couldn’t quite place her. We ran back an forth a couple times and she looked again at my feet. They were intact. I was fully there.
The door to my apartment opened and other more familiar people strolled in. I couldn’t remember where I’d met them. They weren’t anybody I new of from the daily world. The
         Totally accepting the moment as a dream I barreled through the plate glass window, hearing shards upon shards clanging and breaking all around me. I ran on the beach and dived straight into the ocean. I had longed to breath salt water through my neck and drink rich in the salute to salt, oxygen and power. I submerged myself in the depths of the ocean and intended to have the gills of fish so that I could breathe underwater. As the depths of the ocean began to surround me a single bright pin point of light shone before my eyes and with so much intensity and duration that I couldn't help but see it before my eyes as I lay on my couch. I was back on my couch in my studio apartment. The light was in my eyes. My eyes were closed. I felt as if I’d been sleeping. I knew that the slighted body movement and the vibration  would be gone. The experience was disappearing. 
Astonished I sat up. Then I sat on the floor Indian style and meditated on what I should do with the experience.  I was in such awe simply could not believe it happened. The entire experience was somehow out of my entire intellectual grasp. I could not conceptualize it or compare it to any other experience I’d ever had in the everyday world. And yet I assessed it, looking at it rexperiencing every detail and comparing that to my own understanding of my entire world view. My desire to understand the knowledge Einstein was professing grew.